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If you are looking for quality food and drink at a reasonable price then Cimaja Square is the place to be. Located within the sleepy village of Cimaja, West Java, the friendly staff at Cimaja Square is at your service to make your dining and vacation visit an exemplary one.

The roadside restaurant offers a variety of exquisite meals for your gastronomic pleasures. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all available from the village’s highly trained chefs that will leave you satisfied. Huge green umbrellas line the outside terrace that allows guests to sit and relax while sipping on a variety of ice-cold fruit beverages.  The potential for making new friends is always a good one as guests from all over the world love to converse and lull the afternoon and evenings away.

Cimaja Square also offers a well-equipped Internet Café with fast and reliable linkups at a very reasonable price. If you have your own portable computer device, then a free Wireless Internet connection is also available.  

If your vacation plans exceed a mere meal and you are looking for a special treat for your family and friends then unique accommodations for a week or more are available at a very competitive price.


Cimaja - Pelabuhan Ratu

Once outside the city of Pelabuhan Ratu, the 14 kilometer coastal drive to the village of Cimaja will ignite the senses. Sea spray lines the wave whipped cliffs as one passes paddies, small villages and roadside warungs (shops). Turning the last corner one finds that the small, but growing village of Cimaja has something to offer anyone looking for a relaxing or exciting time. The village is home to farmers, fishermen, and boasts a few of West Java’s renowned surf breaks.  Whether you are family seeking a hospitable atmosphere or a traveling surfer looking for a potential barrel, the village of Cimaja will beckon you to visit again and again. Cimaja, with its open arms, is welcoming you to visit.